Formal Lounge- Show Home

Initially, the architect wanted our team to do one professional exterior visualization of a flagship luxury home in the planned Housing Estate. As he was pleased with the results, he decided to extend the project to include interior renders.  This is the formal lounge which showcases timeless design for modern living. The render has been used […]

Appartment Block- Milan

Currently under construction in Niguarda, Milan, is Fulcieri 11. This was a ‘Full Package’ project that included both our Digital Design department, Funky Monkey™ and Fundamental Element. Our task was to supply various exterior 3D renders in both “day” and “night” settings to give prospective buyers an emotive and accurate view of the exterior features of the […]

Chalet- Project

Shaking up the typical cabin image with modern styling. We were asked to showcase the mood and architecture of the building. Fortunately, the client was open to our ideas of creating a ‘stormy’ background, which introduces the atmosphere of the mountain and the building is itself immersed in nature. Mountain Chalet lounge Windows Mountain Chalet […]

Balcony- Milan

This is part of Fulcieri 11 which is currently under construction in Niguarda, Milan. Highlighting the fact that the balconies, which every apartment has in this development, provide bonus outdoor space from where one can enjoy the view over the rooftops of Milan. OUTDOOR SEATING FULCIERI 11, MILAN

Roof Garden- Apartment B06

This forms part of Fulcieri 11 which is currently under construction in Niguarda, Milan. We were asked to highlight this expansive roof garden and offer design ideas on how a prospective buyer could transform this space into an urban oasis, APARTMENT B06 FULCIERI 11, MILAN APARTMENT B06 FULCIERI 11, MILAN

Guest Bedroom- Project

This digital marketing render focuses on maximising the functional space in the bedroom by keeping furniture to a minimum to maintain an open feel. CLOSE VIEW BEDROOM PROJECT FULL VIEW BEDROOM PROJECT

Entertainment Area- Show Home

This brief was to provide external renders of the show home’s entertainment area, which was used in the initial presentations of the proposed luxury Golfing Estate.  ENTERTAINMENT AREA CLOSEUP 101 LAKEVIEW ESTATE ENTERTAINMENT AREA FULL VIEW 101 LAKEVIEW ESTATE

Kitchen- Attic

The apartment is part of Fulcieri 11, which is currently being constructed in Niguarda, Milan. In addition to design & material details, decorating ideas are suggested for the Attic kitchen. ATTIC FULCIERI 11, MILAN ATTIC FULCIERI 11, MILAN

Bicycle Entrance- Milan

This forms part of Fulcieri 11 which is currently under construction in Niguarda, Milan. Developers wanted to emphasize that the complex had cycle storage, conveniently situated at the secondary entrance, which was easily accessible to and from the street and opens up onto one of the two residential communal parks within the complex. secondary pedestrian […]

Entrance Hall- Show Home

A further render was commissioned for the luxury Golfing Estate. ENTRANCE hALL 101 LAKEVIEW ESTATE

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