Fauchè 40- Milan
Sleek sophistication

Via Fauchè 40 epitomizes sleek sophistication, welcoming residents to an unparalleled lifestyle. Impeccable attention to detail has transformed the building, enhancing its exterior and revitalizing communal areas to elevate the overall ambience. Inside, the apartments remain untouched, offering residents a blank canvas to personalize their living spaces according to their unique tastes. We’ve meticulously crafted architectural renders that capture the sophisticated essence of Milanese style, offering a glimpse into the potential for buyers to create their ideal living environment. In collaboration with Funky Monkey™, they have been seamlessly integrated into promotional and sales materials, both digital and print, providing a tantalizing glimpse into the lifestyle awaiting the residents.

High-quality Photorealistic Architectural Rendering services

Peaceful Oasis:

Powder Room

Via Fauchè 40, MILAN

Further Room Variations

En-suite Bathroom

Via Fauchè 40, MILAN

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